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The Year was 2012...

Brandon sat down for a session of Dungeons & Dragons with his friends. Like most sessions, it was filled with laughs, snacks, and combat. Along the way, Brandon's character was granted a powerful reward: a Wish. So, like many players before him, Brandon wished for a tavern with unlimited food and drink so his character had a place to retire after adventuring. With this began the Huntsmen's Hydra, named after the creature slain to obtain the Wish. Over the years, Brandon realized that he wanted to set up something similar for his self in the real world. Not just a store, but a gathering space for geeks of all gaming varieties.

The Huntsmen's Hydra Logo - A three headed monster that is primarily green with one head representing fantasy, a cyborg head representing sci-fi, and a skeleton head representing horror.

What is Huntsmen's Hydra?

Huntsmen's Hydra is a multi-headed gaming company built to be a one-stop shop for gaming knowledge and accessories. We want to provide info on games spanning fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and every genre in-between while using our crafting skills to bring accessories to accompany those games. 

Brandon and Mariah outside PAXU 2020 wearing masks

Who is Huntsmen's Hydra?

Huntsmen's Hydra was founded officially in 2021 by Brandon and his partner (now wife) Mariah. As players, they always found  it hard to find places that covered a variety of tabletop games and saw many that only cared about the mainstream games. They have a variety of interests, so why shouldn't their online friendly game stores cater to that? Collectively they have over 15+ years of TTRPG experience spanning games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder to Blades and the Dark and Vampire: The Masquerade and numerous indie RPG's and took this quest upon themselves.  

Huntsmen's Hydra has produced Actual Plays via their Twitch/Youtube channels such as the GameHers nominated Fire in the DarkDenari's Half Dozen,  and Wednesday Night Magic.

So pull up a chair to look around the blog and store, sit around the table with your fellow gamers to chat, and experience all the variety the Hydra has to offer.

Meet our Adventurers

Brandon Ashcraft (He/Him)

Brandon's Headshot. Brandon is white with brown hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a "Technical Difficulties" T-Shirt and gray cardigan

Brandon has been playing TTRPGs since 2012 and has a background in engineering & design. His favorite TTRPG to date is Blades in the Dark and he loves to GM fantasy or sci-fi systems. When not working on the shop or blog, Brandon runs productions for TTRPG Actual Plays, streams, and designs his own TTRPG systems under the name AshenWorks.

Mariah Ashcraft (She/Her)

Mariah's Headshot. She has short brown hair and green eyes

Mariah has been playing TTRPGs since 2015, but has been into all things nerd from the day she was born.  With her background in finance, she's the business head of the hydra. Her favorite TTRPG is Ten Candles. When not helping the Tavern, she works her normal 9-5 job at a bank.

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