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Unleash the Fun: A Review of the Adorably Deceptive Party Game of Cute Pets and Bluffing

Hello, fellow board game lovers! Today I've got something for you that isn't shocking at all if you know me - a board game about pets! We were fortunate enough to have the lovely game You Gotta Be Kitten Me! sent to us for review.

Rules of the Cat-tastic Game

The game's premise is to bluff with your friends about how many accessories you have of a certain color. If you've heard of the card game "Bull Shit" or "BS" it is a similar premise. As a player, you say the number of accessories you have in your hand (or you lie about it) in an increasing number from the previous player. Then the next player either continues the betting or challenges the previous player's statement.

There are a couple of rules that are different, but honestly, I think it improves the game.

Shuffled Cats and Rules

The most adorable change is that you can make your own cards. The game rules show a method of uploading your image, printing it on a label (included), and accessorizing (included). I can make a game that includes her Royal Highness, Audrey Cat, the Baby Girl? I'm in! (Here's what picture I would choose for her)

her Royal Highness, Audrey Cat, the Baby Girl. A fluffy white cat gracefully looking up from a bed of leaves
Yes - she did need the largest picture in the article.

Another change I'm fond of is more of a quality of life change. If you feel it would be unreasonable to make a bluff and know that no one would believe you, one of the "challenges" you can make to a previous player is to confirm their statement. Unlike the traditional card games, you don't have to say they are lying if you don't think they are.

The addition of a scoring system functions as another quality-of-life change. Each player starts with several scoring tokens that players lose depending on the results of the challenges. These scoring tokens determine your starting hand at the beginning of every round. This limits the overall length of the game since it can get pretty lengthy without this feature.

Final Thoughts

Much like a dog with a stick - run and bring this game to your friends for a good time.

Not only is the game easy to learn, but it's also wicked cute. What more could you ask for from a party game?

A Labrador carrying a much too big stick for him begging the camera person to play

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